BOLD is made up of a team of designers from the worlds of architecture, interior design and theater. The diversity within our company brings knowledge and experience that allows us to work with clients on many projects from hospitality and public spaces to retail and private residences. 


Brian Orter

Brian’s earliest works were theatrical projects in New York City where he started working as a teenager. After attending Purchase College for lighting design he found himself in a new creative era of New York City. At this time mega-clubs were forming, and theatricality was paramount to the experience. Brian’s designs were seen at Club USA in Times Square, the Tunnel and the legendary Limelight nightclub in Chelsea. Restauranteurs and Hoteliers began to seek a similar vibe for their spaces and collaborated with Brian to develop lighting concepts for their venues. From this work, a global network of clients emerged, and Brian married his approach to theatrical lighting to the company’s ethos and approach to commercial work.

Today Brian and his team continue to explore the infinitely expanding boundaries of lighting design and technology while maintaining a strong footing in the traditional values inherent to design.

"Its about why we light, not what we light."

Photographs by Aldo Trejo.


Charlie Dumais, Principal

Charlie graduated from Pratt Institute School of Interior Design.

Out of school, he worked as a model maker for a studio developing custom decorative light fixtures and architectural screens. It was this experience, learning about light sources and the nuances of filtered light, that inspired Charlie to pursue a career in architectural lighting design. His practice in interior design has instilled a sensitive understanding of color, texture, and scale. His experience in lighting design has spanned a wide breadth of focus from hospitality, commercial, university, landscape and public art.

Regardless of the type of project,Charlie strives, through lighting, to reveal moments of discovery, sophistication and whimsy.

Photographs by Aldo Trejo.


Christopher Martin, Chief Financial Officer

Chris earned his B.S.B.A. and has accumulated extensive & diverse experience in various professional service industries, specifically with engineering, architecture, and design. With a focus on bottom-line profitability, he has developed and implemented the processes necessary for increased profitability & growth. Combining his perceptive, analytical skills with a proactive approach makes him a key asset at BOLD. In his spare time, you can find Chris on an early morning run or flying to Europe.

Photographs by Aldo Trejo.


Sunhee Lim, Studio Leader, NYC

Sunhee Lim is a passionate lighting designer, who brings unique aesthetic creativity and technical expertise to her projects.

Sunhee received her Master’s Degree in Architectural Lighting Design from Parsons School of Design. She has collaborated with many highly esteemed architects and designers on various projects across the world.

Sunhee is a multi IESNYC Award Winner with a nuanced, direct sensibility.

Photographs by Aldo Trejo.


Alex Schlemer, Studio Leader, LA

Alex brings over 15 years of experience in the field of architectural lighting. Originally from France, where he worked as a cameraman, he was first introduced to lighting through a photographic lens. In the USA, as a lighting designer, he worked on a wealth of projects ranging from small highly detailed hospitality projects to large scale projects such as the Los Angeles Airport Tom Bradley International Terminal addition and the Microsoft West Campus with previous firms where his projects were awarded 20 times. His work was published in magazines and books internationally. He was also involved in designing luminaires for a manufacturer where he created the first-round light fixture using light guide technology. His passion for lighting is the common thread to all the different jobs he had throughout his 25-year career. He takes his greatest inspiration in nature while using his technical expertise and creative senses to fuel his designs.

Photographs by Aldo Trejo.


Brian Smith, Studio Leader, NYC

With a passion to innovate, Brian brings energy, excitement, and spirit to the experiences he creates. Sculpting spaces with light is a trade he enjoys from conceptual ideas to the details of the built environment. Brian’s background in architectural engineering at Penn State University enhances his ability to design, analyze, and lead. Prior to joining the BOLD team, Brian has built and grown a body of work that includes large scale restaurants, night club atmospheres, and airport programs throughout the world. Notable projects include Le District Food Market in Lower Manhattan, LAVO in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, New Balance Flagship Store, NYC, and Komodo in Miami, FL. Through lighting, Brian continues to engage the built environment while transforming experiences for society.Brian also resides as Vice President on the DLFNY board of managers promoting the local lighting design and lighting education community.

Photographs by Aldo Trejo.


Gary Wong, Studio Leader, NYC

Gary Wong holds a Bachelor of Architecture degree from the Pratt Institute’s School of Architecture. Prior to his career in architectural lighting design, Gary worked as an architect in a boutique firm specializing in residential construction in New York City. Before joining BOLD, Gary worked as a senior lighting designer on various projects worldwide ranging from small scale retail spaces to detailed private interiors. While at BOLD, Gary has successfully completed many high-profile projects such as Cadillac House, which was awarded Interior Design Magazine’s Best of Year 2016 for retail design spaces, Shop! Design Awards 2017 Silver Award for creative space in retail environment and Retail design Institute’s Winner, Class of 2016. Gary brings an elevated level of creativity, technical skills and great attention to detail to each project.

Photographs by Aldo Trejo.


Mai Shimizu, Studio Leader, NYC

Mai was born in Tokyo and moved to New York as a teenager. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design from the School of Visual Arts in 2007. Mai has over a decade of experience in architectural lighting design. She is a widely experienced professional with the technical understanding to guide projects smoothly through completion and a special talent for solving intricate design challenges. In her spare time, she enjoys helping her husband in his handcrafted leather goods business.

Photographs by Aldo Trejo.


Bradley Clements, Project Manager, NYC

Born and raised in southern Virginia, Bradley comes to BOLD with a joy and passion for light that only grows with each project. With a degree in Theatre Design and Production from the University of Cincinnati’s College Conservatory of Music, Bradley is not a stranger to the fast-paced world of entertainment. It’s this challenging beginning that has made him into the committed and passionate designer he is today. Bradley has worked on and off Broadway, has designed for operas, musicals, plays, and dance productions.  In addition, he has also designed storefront windows, rehearsal studios, restaurants, bars, and rooftop gardens. Over the past 10 years he has found himself part of some of the most talented teams of creative people anyone could ever wish to work with and is continuing this tradition here at BOLD.

Photographs by Aldo Trejo.


Garett Cohen, Project Manager, NYC

Garett, a native from cool and calm island of Jamaica, discovered his passion for art and general creativity while attending Decarteret College. His passion to create led him to pursue an architectural degree at the New York College of Technology. Garett has worked in residential and commercial architecture, interior design and lighting design which has given him a wide range of experience. His career in lighting has formed his belief that lighting is essential to the design process and is quintessential to shaping the feel and mood of a space.

Photographs by Aldo Trejo.


Mariana Gutierrez, Project Manager, NYC

Mariana is a young lighting designer with passion for light and its impacts on human behavior. She started her career in Mexico City where she was involved in a variety of projects from high end residences to global retail roll outs and residential buildings. Her craving for continuous learning and growth in her career inspired her to look for opportunities outside Mexico. Now, influenced with how light impacts our experience of spaces (most of times in subtle ways that are taken for granted), she’s here with BOLD to keep moving towards her goal of creating thoughtful designs and becoming a better designer. In addition to that, Mariana is fascinated by the sensory arts, especially in relation to food, fine art and architecture.

Photographs by Aldo Trejo.


Timothy Hart, Project Manager, NYC

Hailing from the world of theater, Timothy approaches design from the audience’s interaction with a space. He strives to a create a clean dynamic through lighting and to evoke an emotional response. His work in small theatre venues has cultivated an appreciation for minimal design and bold choices. Timothy has a Master of Fine Arts in Theatrical Lighting Design from the University of Tennessee. He also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Theater Design and Stage Management with a minor in Interior Design.

Photographs by Aldo Trejo.


Aldo Trejo, Project Manager, NYC


Aldo was born in Texas but raised in Mexico City. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture from La Salle. He started working as a junior architect for several firms learning about construction and design while completing residential and renovation freelance projects. Inspired by all kinds of architecture and innovative design techniques he polished his skills, learning how to use several types of software. Prior to joining BOLD, he worked for one of the best lighting design firms in Mexico as a designer and visual artist. It was there he realized lighting was a field with great opportunities and powerful contributions to the world of design, art and architecture. Aldo is also an architecture and fashion photographer and filmmaker.

Photographs by Aldo Trejo.


Alyssa Ayow, Project Designer, NYC

Born and raised on the twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago, Alyssa realized her love of designing spaces while attending El Dorado West Secondary School, majoring in technical drafting, where she graduated with honors. She then attended the New York City College of Technology where she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in architectural Technology, also graduating with honors. She enjoys learning new things and plans to strengthen her skills in lighting design while growing within BOLD.

Photographs by Aldo Trejo.


Santiago Flores, Project Designer, NYC

Santiago is passionate multi-faceted designer that has worked on a wide array of projects, from architectural, interior design, product design and digital fabrication. His extensive knowledge in digital design and prototyping have proven him an asset in the field. He has always had an appreciation for lighting design and hopes to expand his horizons and grow in the lighting industry. Santiago is currently developing his own line of jewelry implementing 3D and fabrication techniques.

Photographs by Aldo Trejo.


James Higgs, Project Designer, LA

With nearly five years of experience in drafting and designing for hospital sites, James transitioned from the medical devices field to lighting design. Originally from Los Angeles, James returned to his hometown in 2013 from Brooklyn where he pursued a career in audio engineering. He was a house engineer and recorded a myriad of projects. Although healthcare continues to become a growing industry, James wanted to apply his design skills and artistic sensibilities to a more dynamic and creative industry.

Photographs by Aldo Trejo.


Cyntia Persaud, Project Designer, NYC

Born and raised in New York City, Cyntia was always surrounded by breathtaking structures that seemed ever-growing and everlasting. Walking among these magnificent feats of architecture sparked her love and interest for interior design and space planning. She attended a career and technical high school where she was allowed to dive deeper into her growing passion. After graduating she enrolled in the New York City College of Technology where she earned her bachelors degree in architecture.

Photographs by Aldo Trejo.


Amol Sardeshpande, Project Designer, LA

"Lighting is not just what we see but what we receive."  Amol considers lighting as not just a design but a process to make architecture beautiful. He believes that it has the power to develop and destroy a space. Amol was born and raised in Mumbai, India. He pursued his bachelor’s degree in ‘Architecture’ from Mumbai university and moved to USA to earn his Master’s degree in ‘Building Science’ from University of Southern California (USC Trojan), Los Angeles. During his course, he got introduced to the glowing field of lighting. Being an architect and a building science student, he was sure that it’s the field in which he can focus on both the design as well as the sustainability. He has worked in the lighting field for 2 years in the two big metropolitan cities of USA – New York and Los Angeles. He has a lot interest for the aesthetics and details of lighting design as well as towards the circadian effect of lighting, for which he got the best thesis at University.  He works at BOLD to approach a new learning and a new experience every day.

Photographs by Aldo Trejo.


Connie Jan, Project Designer, NYC

Connie was born in LA but raised in Taipei. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture from Tamkang University, and her Master’s Degree in Advanced Architectural Design from Columbia University in the City of New York. After working at several different firms as an architectural designer in Taiwan and New York, she decided to pursue her dream in lighting design. She believes lighting design is a direct and powerful way of conveying the story and concept of a space. Regardless of the medium however, she believes good design should help people, even if its scale is not big. She loves learning and trying new things, and is hoping to make progress and grow together with BOLD.


Carlos Edeza, Project Designer, NYC

 Carlos Edeza is a Mexican architect with an expertise in the Energy Efficiency of Buildings. He earned his Master of Architecture degree from UNAM. After working on 3D modeling and renderings for numerous projects, he discovered a strong interest in lighting design and began applying it to his work. Doing this changed his way of thinking and helped him realize the importance of lighting design in architecture. He has the belief of developing the human sense of design and imprinting it on the projects he is involved in. Aside from lighting design, Carlos is also passionate about wood crafting, furniture design and interior design.


Elliot Harris, Studio Manager, NYC

Elliot was born and raised in Mobile, Alabama. He received his BS in Management Accounting from Spring Hill College, the oldest Jesuit College in the South. After graduation, he worked as a staff accountant at a small company in Alabama. Eager to make his way to New York, Elliot heard about BOLD and knew it was exactly where he was meant to be. Combining his accounting knowledge with his organizational skills and creativity, Elliot keeps the office flowing smoothly and efficiently.

Photographs by Aldo Trejo.


Bodhi, Studio Mascot, LA

Bodhi is a Brussels Griffon. He is originally from Tampa and now he travels between his home in Los Angeles, an apartment in NY and spends part of the summer in Provincetown. He has mastered the art of using his 9 pounds of body weight to pin down humans 20 times his size. When not at the office working, he sleeps, snores and occasionally practices sprint running. 

Photographs by Aldo Trejo.


Charlie, Studio Mascot, LA

Charlie the fluffy dog comes from Central California where he was found wandering on the street. He was rescued and now lives a peaceful life of scratches and love. Charlie gives back his love at BOLD by providing cuddling opportunities for the design team and well, basically anyone.

Photographs by Aldo Trejo.


Friday, Studio Mascot, NYC

Friday is a Welsh Terrier. She loves to play fetch, especially with a tennis ball. She loves the UPS guy and sneaking into the space next door to explore. Don’t be surprised to find her your in chair when you return. Shes a bit of a Goldilocks :-)

Photographs by Aldo Trejo.