Enchanting is the first word that comes to mind when you visit Troutbeck.

Mark Twain, Henry David Thoreau, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Langston Hughes, Sinclair Lewis, Teddy Roosevelt, John Burroughs, are among the few who sought inspiration and relaxation at Troutbeck. Today this luscious, fully revived and renewed manor house, just two-hours from Midtown Manhattan and situated on 45 secluded acres bisected by two flowing bodies of water, is once again a hotspot for those craving a high-minded respite. There is something mesmerizingly creative, wholly unique, and naturally spiritual about this iconic destination. The walls are graced with artwork by modern-day masters, while historic ephemera fill public spaces and guestrooms bedecked with local custom-made furniture, reclaimed antiques, handmade ceramic table lamps, modernist pieces, and four-poster beds painted a deep crimson red. At Troutbeck, be prepared to get lost amid natural splendor, a walled garden, three on-property trout pools, the most beautiful cycling in the country and, a seasonally sourced farm-to-table menu. Or simply find a warm, welcoming spot by the hearth and let the echoes of history overtake you.

When we met the owner he said he wanted the inn to feel like it was handed down to the grandchildren who in turn, put their spin on it. The interiors are a mixture of old and new, antique and vintage, and the lighting tells its own playful story throughout. Owner sourced antique fixtures blend with contemporary fixtures, cafe curtains are uplit with led lights tucked into wooden channels, and select cabinetry incorporates warm millwork lighting.

We were challenged to use as many existing fixture locations as possible. In some spaces we did as little as change out lamps, in others we created fully integrated lighting details. Each guestroom is unique and had to be individually site surveyed. The result - each space feels personal and no two rooms are alike.


As part of our design approach we looked at opportunities within the existing landscape, such as the trees that march down the entry drive.

As part of our design approach we looked at opportunities within the existing landscape, such as the trees that march down the entry drive.

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Champalimaud Design

Location, Amenia New York

Renderings by Charlie Dumais