Governors Island, Master Plan

Governors Island is in the midst of a massive undertaking which includes re-engineering the island for new power and data and replacing all outdoor light fixtures.

We are beyond thrilled to be involved in the development of the new lighting scheme for Governors Island. The island has a rich history and a collection of historic monuments and structures. The views are stunning, and it really is a special, unique place.

It was important for us to conduct thorough site visits during the day and evening to understand the island, the experience of walking the island and what opportunities are available for lighting. We wanted to make sure we were considering not only pathways, and roadways, but building entries, porches and monument facades as opportunities for lighting.

We have wrapped up our schematic design phase and are excited to work with the team to develop and implement the proposed approaches.



Syska Hennessy Group

Location, New York City, Governors Island

Renderings by Charlie Dumais